About the Doctors

Dr. Ackerman established the Fairfax Office in 1978, the Centreville Office in 1990, and assumed ownership of the Manassas Office in 1998. In addition, Dr. Ackerman assumed the Alexandria office when Dr. Wexler retired in 2007, and shortly after the Great Fall Practice in 2008.  Dr. Ackerman recently sold his Fairfax, Centreville, and Manassas office. As of early spring 2013, Dr. Ackerman has enjoyed practicing only in the Alexandria office. His philosophy of practice has always focused on delivering the highest possible quality of care, which necessitates continuing education. His commitment to learning and teaching has been the cornerstone for himself and his associates. The team of doctors in the practice has exceptional clinical skills and a sincere commitment to continuous learning, remaining with the very latest in clinical research. Our goal is to provide you with the best, highest and most up-to-date dentistry available today in a caring, friendly environment.

Again, we welcome you to our practice, and congratulations on your choice!

For your convenience, we have enclosed a brief biography on each of our doctors.

Dr. Ackerman  

“Our dentists and professional staff are dedicated to delivering quality care to our patients every day.”

Thank you for selecting our practice for your family’s dental needs. The purpose of our practice is to provide the finest dental treatment possible in such a way that it enriches the lives of our patients, our staff and the community. We welcome the opportunity to work with you to create a healthier mouth and a happier smile for a lifetime. We are proud that we can provide a comprehensive approach to your dental needs, in a state-of-the-art facility, utilizing the safest methods and techniques.